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Hosting and Domains

Hosting prices are available either with your site package, or on their own. Domains are available for your site package or on their own. We can quote on supplying a domain with your package and we can also quote on a hosting package. If one or none of these are required, the price will reflect…
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What is SSL and do I require this?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is a computing protocol that ensures the security of data sent via the Internet by using encryption. There is an increasing importance being driven by both browser development companies and Google/ Bing for websites to have an SSL certificate where forms exist. In simple terms this just means that the form…
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Can I request changes after my site goes live?

Yes, absolutely you can. We have the ability to allow you to edit your site once it goes live and can also provide training for you to do this. Further changes requested for us to do, will result in further charges.

What are the payment methods?

We accept debit cards, credit cards or bank transfers. When you sign up you will need to pay 50% upfront with the balance due when your 100% happy and your site goes live. Our hosting charges (if included) start from when you sign up.

What is the design process?

We will discuss your needs with you via email or telephone. We will then undertake to research your industry to create a design concept. We will then ask for your feedback on a homepage design. We will keep working on this design until you are 100% happy and then once you have approved it the…
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