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Our Clients Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some of our current clients, some of which we have enjoyed years of continued success and relationships.

We have been working with all80s since 2006 and recently upgraded their site to be more vibrant and welcomeing with a modern look and feel.

all80s website image

“We have been with RochDar Designs for a number of years now and have never felt the need to look elsewhere, they have always delt with our request quickly and respectfully. Listening to us and keeping us informed throughout the full process.”

Transformers Cleaning Co

We have been working with Transformers since 2009 and are currently discussing an upgrade to their site.

Transformers175 Image

Transformers Cleaning Co-
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactions and communication with RochDar Designs and I refuse to go elsewhere for my site upgrades and maintenance. I would rate them 10/10 everytime and would recommend them to anyone”.

The Glasgow Cleaners

The Glasgow Cleaners started with us in 2013 and they have enjoyed amazing success since their site went live, expanding to Edinburgh and beyond, way to go.

Glasgow Cleaners Image

Glasgow Gardeners

The Glasgow Gardeners are a recent addition to our portfolio, joining us in 2016.

Glasgow Gardeners Image

Glasgow gardeners

I could not believe how easy it was for the team to come up with the concept for all my different sites, Cleaning, Gardening both look completely different, but are based through the same company. I would recommend you giving RochDar a chance.

Glasgow Carpets

Glasgow Carpet Cleaners joined us to showcase their superb carpet cleaning.

Glasgow Carpet Cleaners Image

We also worked on The 80s Forum for

all80s Forum Image

Blog created for was completed as well.

all80s Blog Image

Join these illustrious names and become part of The RochDar Designs family.

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